How I Saved Hundreds Getting Vaccinated In Thailand

When it comes to traveling the world the biggest risk isn't your plane crashing, getting mugged or even getting lost, It's getting sick. Getting sick can ruin your trip. It can leave you bed ridden for days, weeks, or even months. That's why it's important to do everything you can to stay healthy. One of the best things that you can do is to get vaccinated.

You might be thinking to yourself that getting vaccinated is simply to expensive. Well if you're living in the US then it probably is. However that shouldn't be an excuse. The benefits far out way the costs, but as always there's a way to bring the cost down from hundreds of dollars down to less than a hundred dollars.

In Bangkok there are many travel clinics where you can get your vaccines. I personally used the Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute. It's within walking distance of a great hostel called The Good One. Which only costs around $10 a night. It's honestly better than some of the hostels I've stayed at in Australia.

Once you're ready to get vaccinated head over to the Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute. Make sure that you bring your Passport along with Baht because they don't accept credit or debit. There is an ATM nearby if you forget though. When you enter the building head left and fill out 2 forms on the desk against the wall. Once you do that you'll head to the room behind you where they will put you into the system and verify your passport as well as ask for a 20 baht registration fee. You will then be sent off to the next room where you will meet the doctor and figure out what vaccinations you need. Then it's off to the pharmacy where you will pick up all the vaccination and pay the necessary fees. After that it's back to the doctors room where a nurse will administer your vaccinations. I was absolutely amazed at not only how cheap everything was, but also how quickly I was able to get everything done. This whole process took less than an hour on a Saturday and only cost me $35 for 3 vaccinations and a consultation.

Here's the outline of all the prices

  • Registration $0.57 (20 baht)
  • Medical and nursing services - $1.43 (50 baht)
  • Influenza Vaccination - $7.17 (250 baht)
  • Typhoid - $11.47 (400 baht)
  • Japanese Encephalitis - $13.20 (460 baht)

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