How To Pack For Forever

Time and Time again, no matter where I go, I always get a surprised reaction when people see how little I travel with. While I may only travel with a single pack, it isn't all that amazing. Once you begin traveling, you come to realize how little you really need. Not only that, the biggest thing is that even if you forget something, you can always just buy it wherever you go next. If you have any questions about what I carry or even need help about how to pack for your trip, comment below and I'll be more than happy to reply.


Kelty Redwing 50 - This pack is amazing. I've traveled with it from the very beginning. It holds everything I need perfectly. Not only that, but if the airline you're flying on doesn't check the weight of your bags you can bring this on as a carry on and it will fit snugly in the overhead cabin. If you do have to check in your bags then I recommend tying up all the straps because if you leave any loose they have a chance of getting caught and ripped off during transport. (This goes for any bag)

REI Flash 18 Daypack - When you're only going out for a short little trek, this bag has you covered. It has room for everything you might need to bring out on an expedition around town. What I like most about this bag, is that it has a little pouch in the back that fits my laptop perfectly, so when I head out to a cafe to work I dont have to show everyone on the street that I have a laptop.


Dell XPS 13 - I searched for quite some time in order to find the perfect laptop. I was torn between the Macbook Pro and this little fellow over here. It really all comes down to what you plan on using your laptop for. I needed something that would allow me to edit my videos, work on my projects and even play a game here and there. This laptop has done all that and more. I couldn't recommend this more highly. It's a powerhouse, yet it is one of the thinnest and lightest laptops I've seen.


GoPro Hero 4 - If you're planning to go on interesting adventures while you're out traveling the world, which I'm sure you will be, the GoPro has you covered. You'll be able to take beautiful pictures, Amazing action videos, make time lapses, and even record under water.


Google Nexus 5x - Finding a quality phone for a decent price can often times be difficult. One of the most important things when buying a phone while traveling is to make sure it's unlocked; otherwise when you put a sim card from another country in, it wont work. The Nexus line is amazing. I started off with the Nexus 5 and when after several years it finally died out on me, I simply upgraded to the next version. Google has recently released the Pixel which is basically the nexus with it's price jacked up. Unfortunately it seems that unless something is expensive people assume it's bad. So google had to play along with the psychology of people and raise the price. You can still purchase the Nexus off the google store and it will be the best money you've ever spent on a phone, best of all it comes unlocked. I use this phone not only to keep in contact with those that I meet, but also to take pictures. All of the pictures I have on my Instagram are taken either with my phone or with my GoPro. Between them you wont have to carry a bulky camera around.

Random Gear

Kindle - While I'll always prefer actual books, it just wouldn't be possible to carry them with me all the time. Instead I settled for using a Kindle while traveling. I'm quite picky though, since I hate reading off of screens. What I like about the kindle is that it actually looks like I'm reading from a book.

Amazon Basics Portable Power Bank -  While traveling, one of the biggest worries is having your phone run out of battery while using it as a GPS. As long as you bring a power bank with you, you wont have to worry about that again. Especially with this one. It's cheaper than most I've found in stores and lasts much longer. I was able to keep my phone going for days at a time with this little thing.

Skull Candy Headphones - I'm not to picky when it comes to headphones, they do their job, they're not too expensive, and they sound great. What more could you ask for.

Segate Backup Plus 2TB Portable Hard Drive - If you're running an online business, creating videos, or just need more space, a portable hard drive will come in handy. You never know if your laptop might get stolen or damaged, so having back up is always a smart idea. I searched for quite some time to find a reliable, small, and reasonably priced hard drive, and this one hit all three spots.

International Adapters -  They're tiny, easy to carry, and do their job. Make sure you don't forget them though. Most stores like to rip you off when it comes to buying them.

Universal Power Strip - This is great in every way, it has three outlets, each universal adapters themselves, so if you meet a group of travels while staying in the same hostel, each of them would be able to use your power strip without any converters. The power strip itself has a US plug so you will need the International adapter in order to get it to work in whatever country you're visiting

Moleskine Hardcover Notebook - It's a solid notebook that can be used for just about anything.

Complete List of Travel Gear

  • Clothes
    • Sweatshirt
    • Sleeping clothes
    • Belt
    • Water Shoes/Flip Flops
    • Sneakers
    • 7 Shirts (long or short depending on location)
    • 7 Pairs of Socks
    • 7 Underwear
    • 2 Shorts
    • 2 Pants
    • 1 Nice Shirt
    • Swim Trunks
  • Phone
  • Charger
  • Laptop
  • Portable Hard Drive
  • GoPro
  • Portable Charger
  • Small Umbrella
  • Towel
  • Wallet and Extra Money
  • Glasses
  • Tylenol
  • Toiletries
  • Headphones
  • Converter Plug

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